Fur & Duck Down

Function and fashion are two important values for Arctic Bay. When it comes to our Canadian-made parkas, fur and duck down are tools we use to create warm, comfortable coats, suitable for frigid winter weather. From fur hoods to down-filled parkas, we create outerwear in a variety of styles that provides supreme heat protection and quality insulation.


Featuring Beaver/Coyote Fur and Leather

No other brand uses Canadian beaver and coyote fur and leather, for Arctic Bay, however, these are elements we value as we build our Canadian jackets and parkas inspired by the Inuit culture. Fur keeps the wind and precipitation off your face as you walk outside or ski down the hill. It also helps keep your body heat inside the coat, especially when you choose the right fit. Insulation acts as a barrier between your body and the outside air, and without our fur hoods, cuffs, and hems, all that heat would simply escape out of these openings. We also use leather for added insulation, and a stylish look that is timeless.

We buy furs exclusively at NAFA auctions to ensure production from abundant populations (healthy and not endangered or threatened). Fur harvest and trade is strictly regulated by Provincial and Territorial governments in Canada and by State Agencies in the United States of America, through licensing, seasons, quotas and harvest methods. 



Downmark® Certified

Whether you’re snowboarding down a mountain, or trekking through the snow on your walk to work, you won’t be having much fun if you’re freezing cold. Protecting yourself from the cold is vital during the winter, as it is a matter of safety as much as comfort. Down is the perfect material to keep winter coats insulated, so that your body heat will not escape, and that cold air won’t penetrate the jacket or parka. Arctic Bay’s jackets are Downmark® certified, which means we use the best quality duck down to fill our coats, providing exceptional quality and warmth. Our parkas are made in Canada, have 725 down power, and are more lightweight than competing coats, without compromising warmth and softness. We use the latest technologies to keep improving our coats, and we provide our customers with quality assurance and a limited lifetime warranty.



Get the Right Winter Coat at Arctic Bay

Winter down-filled coats with beaver or coyote fur hoods are more than just a fashion statement. They provide a practical solution to cold winds and snow, that seems to attack our faces during the season’s storms. The fur trim acts as a barrier between your delicate skin and the harsh winter air, while the exceptional down fill locks your body heat inside. Choosing the right coat is an important step, so it is wise to buy from a company you can trust.

Arctic Bay jackets and parkas are made 100% in Canada, balancing function and style, and inspired by our deep Canadian heritage and passion for all things Canadian. We pride ourselves on creating premium outerwear that insulates, resists water and snow, and lasts for years. Even better, our jackets have been tested for quality assurance from Downmark® and we are proud to show that each parka meets the highest standards for down products. You can brave the frigid climate with Arctic Bay outerwear; just visit our online store!