Cleaning and Care for Arctic Bay Parkas

Periodic cleaning and care of Arctic Bay parkas and jackets is essential to ensuring the long life of the product. We recommend that you have your jacket professionally dry cleaned by a service that specializes in down-insulated products (except for the fur hood, cuffs, and hem), and not to wash them in your traditional washing machine. Please make sure to refer to the product care label on your garment for specific wash care instructions.

Here are some additional tips to maintaining your parka:
  • Do not dry clean fur: To maintain its fluff, do not rub away or dab water that gets on it or the fur will matt. Simply shake off the moisture and hang it in a cool, dry place. Fur can be brushed with a specific brush intended for fur, and follow the direction of the hair in short, even strokes. Remove the fur before having the jacket cleaned.
  • Store your jacket in the provided garment bag to help it maintain its high-quality look, unless it is wet. In that case, air dry the jacket in a ventilated room to allow sweat, and outdoor precipitation to evaporate.
  • Instead of washing your parka often, simply spot treat areas that have gathered salt or dirt. Excessive washing accelerates wear and tear on the coat. Washing it once a year should be good enough to keep it in good condition.
If you have any additional questions about how to care for your coat, contact us at and we will gladly advise you!