Frequently Asked Questions

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery – but it is also fraud! Don’t be mislead by counterfeiters. Like all quality brands, Arctic Bay has attracted the admiration of copy-cats hoping to pass off their copy-coats as Arctic Bay originals. We all like to get something at an unexpected price, but you know what they say – if it’s too good to be true…it is.

Why buy an authentic Arctic Bay parka?

You are interested in an Arctic Bay parka because you can depend on it to keep you warm and dry. Made with the finest down, and accented with the hardiest (and softest) coyote and beaver fur trim, it gives you the peace of mind that comes with Made in Canada quality. Imitation parkas cannot offer you the same fit, fabric and insulation that you rely on to brave the day.

How can you be sure of getting an authentic Arctic Bay parka?


  1. Look for the hologram on the inside lining of your jacket. It registers your parka as an original and is not available on the fake jackets.
  2. Buy only from authorized Arctic Bay dealers. We only partner with reputable retailers who match our standards of quality.

If you are in doubt, contact us directly at Know what you are getting – and get ready for a wonderful winter. Protect yourself and those you care about by buying only authentic Arctic Bay products from an authorized dealer.

How do I care for my new Arctic Bay jacket?

Spot removal can be as easy as applying soap and water to the soiled area.  Do not machine wash, take it to a professional dry cleaner specializing in down filled and natural fur garments. Machine-washing your parka will void the warranty. If your parka has a removable fur option, remove the fur ruff before dry cleaning.

What is the warranty for my Arctic Bay product?

Arctic Bay products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. In the rare event the product has failed due to a manufacturing defect or component failure, we will repair the product without charge or replace if we deem necessary. This warranty does not include repairs due to accidents, improper care, negligence, or normal wear and tear. Please review our Limited Lifetime Warranty page for more details.

Where can I purchase Arctic Bay products?

Arctic Bay products can be purchased online or from authorized dealers and retailers. Please refer to our authorized dealer page for location and contact information.  If dealer is not listed, there is a high chance that product is counterfeit. Please ask your dealer to contact Arctic Bay and request to be listed.

Where can I find the style that I want?

All dealers carry different styles within the collection. You won’t find every style at every store that sells Arctic Bay. Ask your dealer if you are looking for something specific or order online. 

What is the difference between a jacket and a parka?

The major difference between a jacket and parka is the length of the coat. Parkas tend to be longer, and more fitted, offering the wearer more warmth. Longer coats cover more of the body, and can trap heat more easily with its snug fit. As for jackets, they are often made with a shorter fit, and end at the waist, or just below. The shorter fit may not necessarily affect how warm the jacket is, as it can still pack an exceptional amount of insulation and heat protection; however, because of its smaller size, the thighs, calves, rear, and neck may be more vulnerable to the cold. By looking carefully at how the coat is designed, you will be able to tell the difference, even though many retailers use the terms interchangeably (and incorrectly).

 What is a down parka?

 Freezing temperatures and cold winds call for outerwear that provides exceptional insulation and high-quality durability against the elements. This is one reason why designers have used “down” to insulate their jackets and parkas. Down refers to soft, warm, duck or geese feathers that can be used to fill parkas and create thousands of tiny air pockets that trap warm air and retain heat. Goose down is often considered the warmest and lightest fill, but duck down is generally more affordable.

Fill power is a measure of the loft or “fluffliness” of the down. The power ratings range from 400 to 900. A rating of 750-900 is considered “excellent”, a rating of 550-750 is considered “very good”, a rating of 500-550 is considered “good”, and a rating of 400-450 is considered “medium”. Fill power is measured in cubic inches per ounce, and calculated in laboratory conditions. It also refers to the quality of the down used—the higher the quality of the down, the higher the fill power. Arctic Bay’s parkas have a fill power of 725.

Are parkas warm enough for winter?

Parkas are certainly warm enough for winter, but if you are concerned about temperatures well below zero, make sure you have a parka filled with 700-900 down power. The higher the quality of the down, the higher the fill power will be, so choose a parka that provides more warmth. Also, you should make sure the parka is longer to cover more of your body, and has fur cuffs, hood, and hem to keep wind and cold out of the jacket and provide extra insulation.

Are parkas waterproof?

Not all parkas are waterproof, but you can choose one with a shell coated with a durable water repellency (DWR). This will offer better resistance to rain and snow. Waterproof down parkas combine a waterproof shell with a waterproof membrane to keep moisture out and heat in. These parkas will also be breathable to allow for sweat and excess moisture to escape.

What is a fishtail parka?

Fishtail coats were originally designed for the U.S. Army in Korea, but became a part of mainstream mod culture as a fashion statement in the 1950s and 1960s. The key feature of fishtail coats is the split in the back of them with a drawstring on each hem. This allows the wearer to tie each half of the split around each leg, providing more heat and keeping the wind out. Since the tail looks kind of like a fish tail, the name was born.

How much does a parka weigh?

The weight of a parka typically depends on the material used for the outer shell. A lighter down parka will be made with a thinner outer material. This is great for people who move around a lot during the day and need something lightweight. However, these can be more vulnerable to snagging and damage, and may not be as durable as thicker shell parkas. If you need a coat that will last for years to come, consider choosing a parka with a heavier and thicker outer shell.

Are parkas meant to be big?

When choosing a parka, make sure it is not too fitted or too loose. You should be able to wear a few layers underneath, but make sure it is not too roomy. If there is too much room in the jacket, your body heat will escape easier, and cold air will get inside through the hem, neck, and arms. Parkas will be bigger than regular jackets, so expect this when you are trying them on.

Get the Right Winter Parka at Arctic Bay

If you’re looking for a men’s or women’s down parka for the winter, you’re making a good choice. These jackets are specially designed for frigid temperatures, and come with features that protect you against snow, wind, ice, and rain. Choosing the right coat is an important step, so it is wise to buy from a company you can trust.
Arctic Bay jackets and parkas are made 100% in Canada, balancing function and style, and inspired by our deep Canadian heritage and passion for all things Canadian. We pride ourselves on creating premium outerwear that insulates, resists water and snow, and lasts for years. Even better, our jackets have been tested for quality assurance from Downmark® and we are proud to show that each parka meets the highest standards for down products. You can brave any frigid climate with Arctic Bay outerwear; just visit our online store!