October 27, 2020

The year 2020 has not gone easy on most of us, and weather reports indicate we aren’t out of the arctic woods yet. That’s right, folks- La Niña is here! While predictions do give some hope that this winter may not be nearly as miserable for some parts of the world, it could still mean a cold and stormier winter than normal across the North, while the southern tier stays drier. In fact, even Florida residents may have to break out their jackets this year when winter really picks up.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get a winter jacket that can withstand extreme cold, there is no better time to get an Arctic Bay parka. As this cold front moves in, make sure you’ve got the right gear to get out and stay comfortable.

La Niña 2020

In typical 2020 fashion forecasters currently think this La Niña will be on the stronger side.

As of September,  La Niña’s reign in the tropical Pacific took hold, with an approximately 85% chance of lasting through the winter.

Just this past Sunday, a recent Global Weather report indicated that a massive advance of high-pressure systems had broken down the tropospheric polar vortex, releasing increasingly colder weather down into the United States and Northern Europe.

But this isn’t the only clue we’ve had thus far about the kind of intense winter we may be heading for. Temperature anomalies reveal the persistence of the colder air mass over central Canada and the central and northwestern United States, and trends currently show several areas will experience ensettled, cooler autumn weather, including: 

  • Eastern Canada

  • Eastern United States

  • Western Europe

  • Siberia

  • The North Pacific

Experts are also encouraging people to be prepared, no matter where they are. Towards the middle of North America, experts do warn that the plains and the mountains will see periods of subzero cold, so if you’re in a place like that, then an Arctic Bay jacket is exactly what you need.

Be Ready with an Arctic Bay Parka

One of the best ways you can plan ahead of that harsh cold snap is to invest in a quality winter coat. Besides an elegant aesthetic, you can always count on these parkas to protect you from the chills with plenty of technical features to keep up. 

But what makes Arctic Bay parkas perfect for the colder days ahead?

Benefits of Canadia Duck Down

If you haven’t check our inventory yet, we encourage you to look now to see that nearly all of the Arctic Bay inventory has around 725 premium Canadian duck down fill power. 

Our down insulation cannot be overstated, because all of Arctic Bay’s jackets are Downmark® certified, which means we use the best quality duck down to fill our coats. Each garment is specifically designed to provide exceptional warmth and optimal protection from the cold, while also looking hot enough for a night in the city.

Look for Insulated Lining 

It takes more than a bulky winter jacket for men to stay warm—it needs to be made with the right materials to keep your body heat in and block out the cold and wet weather. When choosing a jacket, look for one with a nylon lining. This insulated material will ensure you don’t lose body heat when outdoors.

Stay Dry with a Water-Repellent Shell

When looking for a winter coat or arctic parka, be sure to choose an option with a durable outer shell. Not just for the cosmetic uses of a stain-resistant fabric, but also to be water and wind resistant when facing heavy snow or icy rain. Having a powerful layer protecting your insulation will help keep you warmer longer. 

As always, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Just read about how Arctic Bay has provided quality winter coats for geologists and geophysicists in the field, sponsoring the Karelia Expedition where scientists faced temperatures as low as 55 ° C below zero. 

So be ready for the coming cold front ahead. 2020 isn’t done with us yet, so let’s get through this home-stretch in comfort and style!

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