Why Should You Choose a Canadian Arctic Parka?

December 29, 2017

Winter is in full swing and there’s no time like the present to bundle up in blankets and sit by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate. However, once the holidays are over, it will be time to go back to work, or commute to school, and return to the normal routine of life. It’s during this time that staying warm will be a huge priority, but without the right outerwear, you’ll be dealing with freezing temperatures and chilling winds that will make you want to retreat into your home. Thankfully, Canada’s winter jackets and parkas are designed for these conditions. Cozy Canadian-made parkas and arctic jackets by Arctic Bay are designed to keep the heat in and the cold out—but Canadian arctic parkas have a special advantage that jackets do not. Why should you choose a parka? Here’s what you need to know about the difference between the two, and why parkas are the better option.

The Difference between a Parka and a Jacket

Although the names have often been   used interchangeably, there is a   difference between a parka and a j   acket. Jackets can help you stay warm against the cold, wind, snow, or rain and contain thick insulation to keep your body heat in, even when you’re not moving around. Winter jackets should also keep you dry, and have a waterproof (and breathable) outer shell. Jackets typically have a shorter cut and focus more on how they will look on both formal and casual occasions. The more casual models tend to have more features that provide comfort and flexibility, even if it means the jacket is heavier. The main difference between a jacket and a parka, is the length.
Parkas tend to be longer and provide more warmth than jackets. The length of the coat helps keep more of the body warm by trapping a greater surface area of body heat. While jackets stop at the waist or just below, they can still provide a considerable amount of insulation and warmth, but the parka’s length allows that heat to be trapped over a larger area of the body. In the past, jackets were known to be lighter and parkas thicker, heavier and warmer, but with the innovation of both types of outerwear, the differences between the two have become much insignificant. Jackets can now be made from heavier, thicker materials for extra warmth, and parkas can be lightweight.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Winter Parka

Weight of the Coat

Depending on how often you travel or if you are constantly indoors compared to outdoors, you may want to choose a jacket or parka that is lighter weight. While parkas are longer, if they are filled with down feathers, you may not have to worry about it being too heavy. On the other hand, a jacket that cuts off at the waist will be lighter than a full-length parka. There are many kinds of outerwear you can choose from!

Insulation Material

There are different types of insulation in jackets and parkas: feathers, synthetic fibres, and synthetic textile with a high nap fleecy side called “pile”. Whatever insulation type you choose, the purpose of it is to trap your body heat from escaping, to keep you warm and keep the cold weather out. The higher the thickness of the insulation, the warmer you will stay, even in colder temperatures. The best proven insulator is down, which is made from feathers. This insulation type is also the lightest and least bulky.

Fabric Details

When choosing a winter coat, it’s important to consider the fabric details and craftsmanship. Observe the way the garment is sewn, the buttons and zippers, and the caliber of trimmings and fabrics. Are feathers or insulation materials popping out? Are the stitches coming apart in any area? When it comes to buying winter outerwear, quality is something you cannot compromise. So, if you’re worried about spending a little extra, if you’re getting a quality product, it’s worth it.

Features of Arctic Bay's Canadian-Made Parkas

Arctic Bay’s parkas are extra special because they are made 100% Canadian. Our lightweight, warm, comfortable, high-quality, luxury outerwear is made from TrueNorth fabric, consisting of 30% cotton and 70% nylon. They use beaver fur and leather, which is harder to make but also brings forth the true Canadian warmth in preparation for winter. For people who are conscious of animal products being used, the jackets can be customized with synthetic fur, which still gives these Canadian parkas and jackets a fashionable look.

Get High-Quality Winter Outerwear at Arctic Bay

If you’re having a hard time choosing the right jacket or parka to keep you comfortable and warm this winter, consider the multitude of fashionable and functional products from Arctic Bay. Made 100% in Canada, Arctic Bay combines protection from the harsh Canadian Arctic climate with an incredible obsession for the finest in luxury fashion. It is from this balance of function and purposeful styling essentials, coupled with our deep Canadian heritage and passion for all things Canadian, that Arctic Bay was brought to life. We pride ourselves on creating premium outerwear that insulates, resists water and snow, and lasts for years.
The technical features of our jackets are inspired by the Inuit people of Canada, who use special techniques that have been passed down by generations to stay warm in these harsh climates. Our jackets are made from the warmest, high-quality Canadian coyote fur and beaver trims, with leather accents, 725 down power, and a lightweight 70% nylon and 30% cotton blend shell. The quality and exceptional design are unmatched, so you can look stylish and stay warm all winter. Even better, our jackets have been tested for quality assurance from Downmark® and we are proud to show that each parka meets the highest standards for down products. You can brave Canada’s frigid climate with Arctic Bay outerwear! Just visit our online store whether you live in New York, Moscow, Seoul, Berlin, Whistler, or Geneva.

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