December 04, 2019

What to wear skiing: The 3 Layer Approach

Finally, you’ve started planning that big ski trip you’ve been looking forward to. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world to hit some fresh powder on the scenic slopes. Now that you’ve got time to plan the perfect ski trip, all you need is the perfect winter gear to keep you warm and carving up the snowbanks. So what are the essentials?

Having the right winter jacket can be a real game-changer, but before we get there we will look at some of the other crucial pieces of clothing to pack for your journey.  


Base Layer

First and foremost, when deciding what to wear skiing you want to start with reliable base layers. These are intended to provide a little extra insulation for those sub-zero excursions. They range from lightweight to heavyweight, so find what works best for you, and find a comfortable long-sleeve shirt to start with.

Pro-Tip: Another great item for regulating temperature for those long days on the slopes is long underwear bottoms. They may not be the most flattering for your backside, but they sure are useful when keeping your bottom half warm.


Mid Layer

For those who like to do a little camping or hiking on their adventures in the ice and snow, having a middle layer to further insulate is always a plus. It just makes sense that the longer you’re planning on being out, the more protection you provide yourself from the elements. Consider grabbing another long-sleeve, thicker sweater to wear over your initial base layer. 


Heavy Layer

Finally, the next layer is going to be a little more heavy-duty. This is essential for the more extreme weather, and there are plenty of options for thicker, more insulated pieces to help guard you against the elements. 

If you want heavy layers done right, this is where Arctic Bay provides top of the line, luxury outerwear. Our collection of heavy coats, bombers, parkas, and more are specifically designed to fight the harshest of Canadian climates, and we specialize in creating the best winter jackets for both fashion and function. 


Outerwear Essentials

When you’re on the slopes you’re going to need a tough outer layer if you want to stay dry.

Remember, while a shell seems to offer more mobility, a shell alone will not keep you warm. If you’re planning on skiing in colder climates, a jacket with heavier insulation will be more appropriate. Thankfully, Arctic Bay has some excellent offers on the best winter jackets for your next ski trip. For example:

In Men’s Winter Jackets:




In Women’s Winter Jackets:




Important Accessories 


Comfy Beanie

While not everyone likes to wear a beanie under there helmet when they ski, it is always better to have the option. Thankfully, with Arctic Bay, you never have to sacrifice looking great for feeling comfy. Our inventory includes:



A nice pair of versatile gloves are always good to have, but some people prefer to keep their fingers toasty with a thick pair of winter mitts. Arctic Bay also offers:



While these may not be the most athletic hand covers, they are incredibly stylish and the lining is made from 100% shearling sheepskin.

Of course, you don’t want to forget other essential accessories, including:

  • Ski Helmet

  • Ski Goggles

  • Comfy Boots

Whether you are taking an extended adventure hiking, skiing and camping through the Canadian mountains, or just catching up with your friends at the lodge, you can count on the comfort and protection of Arctic Bay’s luxury winter jackets and other outerwear options to add more elegance and excitement to your winter wardrobe.

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