August 19, 2020

Extremely Warm Parkas Worth Every Penny

Looking good isn’t always easy, but anyone who has experienced the comfort and luxury of authentic winter outerwear from Arctic Bay can tell you it is well worth it. As one of the premier manufacturers of Canadian made winter jackets and parkas, this Winnipeg-based clothing line might have a few less than modest price points. Still, fans of the brand believe having true Canadian craftsmanship designed specifically to withstand the harshest climates- both snowy slopes and fashion blogs alike- is worth every penny. 

So what makes Arctic Bay parkas and winter jackets worth the price tag?

Canadian Quality Over Outsourced Quantity

First, we talk about what Arctic Bay is most proud of- staying Made in Canada! Instead of exploiting cheap labor for mass-production overseas, this company has always worked hard to keep the production of its products at home in Canada.

As a result, making each Arctic bay garment is a more intimate process, and takes much longer. 

Each unique style has a practiced process for being brought to life. Whether it is the men’s Antarctic Parka, the women’s Kimberly Parka, or the kid’s Rocky Parka, this brand’s catalog of exceptional designs takes much more production than any other compilation in their class.

So, when you’re doing the math on your receipt, make sure to factor in that Arctic Bay parka isn’t another hollow corporate clone. It is a labor of love from a brand that fights to keep its contribution to the Arctic Bay community.

Materials that Make a Difference

Next, we look at the materials they incorporate in their designs. Each Arctic Bay jacket is a combination of small inspirations, and you can see it in the elegant aesthetics and impressive technical features. Not to mention, the protection these coats offer from the elements.

Quality Candian Duck Down

As a proud member of the Canada Down Association, Arctic Bay parkas are insulated with the very best of premium down on market. This makes their winter jackets:

  • Exceptional with Heat Retention

  • Lightweight with better warmth than synthetic insulations

  • Suitable for both warm and cold weather

  • Easily compressed for traveling

Strong Winter Shell

Over top of all that duck down, Arctic Bay jackets wrap a durable shell made of water, wind, and stain-resistant fabrics. A combination of Canadian, Swiss and American fabrics with higher nylon content adds enhanced tensile strength. To give it even more protection, some design shells are also coated with Dupon Teflon Shield+ water repellent finish.

Fur with Comfort and Conscience 

Fur is still very much an enduring mark of high-end fashion, even with some more sensitive to the environmental impact. While Arctic Bay uses fur, they have been careful about making sure their fur stands for principles over profit. 

That is why they get their furs exclusively at NAFA auctions. This way, buyers can be confident their comfortable fur-trimmed collar is never from an endangered or threatened population. This includes:

  • Canadian beaver fur 

  • Canadian coyote fur

Technical Highlights

Not to mention their garments blow the competition away when it comes to the small details and components that you didn’t know you always needed. Some of those little highlights include:

  • Top quality leather from Montreal

  • Zippers from RiRi and YKK

  • Exclusive hologram patches to prove the brand identity 

Each of these elements is what makes Arctic Bay winter jackets and parkas even more unique and effective than your average budget brand coat. These pieces don’t just look good, but they do a better job of keeping you protected from the cold.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Ask the Experts

Arctic Bay’s products have been proven to be ideal outerwear in some of the most extreme winter cold. The perfect test of Arctic Bay’s parka’s was the Karelia Expedition, withstanding 40-50 degrees below zero temperatures when Russians Fedor Konyukhov and Viktor Simonov traveled to the South point of Greenland by dog sledding. From the Antarctic to Siberia and even the North Pole, Arctic Bay winter coats hold their own against even the worst that frozen tundras of the Canadian winter has to offer.

Be Proud of the Price Point

When you look at all that goes into producing such an incredible line of jackets and outerwear, and all that Arctic Bay does to give back to the A/B Community and keep their manufacturing at home, you can see why they are so proud of their higher price points. When you invest in this kind of quality, you can be proud, too. 

It isn’t easy being one of the best Canadian made winter gear producers in the business, but if you ask Arctic Bay, it’s worth it to deliver the most durable, elegant, and community-conscience garments possible.

Check out our reviews

By now you know how much we love Arctic Bay extreme cold winter jackets, but there are also plenty of satisfied customers who can vouch for the quality and comfort of our products. See what our customers have to say by checking out our reviews here!

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