Parkas for Extreme Cold Weather: Options and Tips for Choosing the Right One

January 18, 2018

When the trees have lost all their leaves and the wind chills you down to your bones, it’s time to switch out your fall jacket for a serious winter jacket or parka. Finding the right coat to keep you warm in sub-zero freezing temperatures can be a challenge, as there are many different aspects to consider. You may be looking for a jacket that is water repellent, but it may not be very good at insulating. You may be in search for a parka that is filled with down feathers, but it may be too short to keep more of your body warm. Therefore, Arctic Bay has put together a huge collection of men’s and women’s down parkas and jackets, specifically designed for Canadian winters. These men’s and women’s parkas and winter jackets from Canada are sought after around the world by people in cold climates, and their benefits are undeniable. Here are some examples of what Arctic Bay offers to keep you warm this winter.

Popular Women's Jackets from Arctic Bay

Aurora Parka

High winds can make your neck very cold, but the Aurora parka includes a turtleneck collar, which eliminates the need for a scarf, and works perfectly for commuters. It also has sleeves that wrap around the wrist, to keep body heat inside. Although this women’s coat with a fur hood isn’t tapered at the waist, it looks great, especially in the variety of colours available.

Kimberly Parka

This original design has fleece-lined hand warmer pockets and storm cuffs. It is perfect for people who live in areas with extreme winters, and who want a little bit of style. Thanks to the topstitched belt and leather buckle, it creates a beautiful silhouette for those who want to blend style and function.

Laval Parka

The Laval parka is a great option for people who really like to bundle up. The down feathers make it very thick and bulky, so you won’t have to worry about being cold. It includes four large pockets, two at the hips and two across the chest and it’s shorter cut allows for maximum mobility.

Charlotte Parka

If you're looking for function, the Charlotte parka is a great choice. Although it isn’t tapered at the waist to give you a curvy shape like some of the other parkas, it is thick, and the large fur hood is beautiful and warm. You won't have to worry about long walks during the winter, in fact, you may even enjoy them.

Mirabella Parka

The Mirabella parka is a stylish option for winter warmth. Unique features include its curvy shape, and large pockets at the hips. You won’t have to take your purse with you, because these large pockets will hold all your essentials.

Belleville Parka

If you’re looking for winter protection that goes from your head to your toes, the Belleville parka is the perfect choice. This parka goes all the way down to mid-calf, so if you have boots on, you will be fully covered.

Regina Parka

The Regina parka is thick and warm. It contains a large coyote fur hood, and the trail comes down to the chest. It also includes a belt, to keep the heat in and the wind out. It goes down to below the knees, to keep you extra warm and looking stylish all winter.

Popular Men’s Jackets from Arctic Bay

Antarctica Parka

The military-inspired Antarctica parka is made from beautiful material and the texture of the outside of the jacket is unique. It is a great option for the outdoors, that includes a furry hood, soft inner lining, and four large pockets. Not only is it perfect for outdoor trekking, but it’s also got a distinguished look that makes it a great fit for city-wear.

Alaska Parka

If you’re looking for a water repellent jacket to keep you warm on a long weekend at the cottage, the Alaska parka is the perfect choice. This thick, puffy jacket, has all the down lining and insulation you need to stay warm. A unique feature of the jacket is the button pattern. Five large buttons cover the zipper, and trail down the jacket.

Nunavut Parka

For those who prefer outerwear without buttons, the Nunavut parka is perfect. There are no buttons on the jacket, but instead, the pockets—which are large enough to fit all of your necessary belongings—and closure involve zippers and Velcro strips.

Labrador Parka

Extremely cold temperatures won't be a problem for the Labrador parka. This hefty coat is lined with down, and thick enough so you won't need too many layers underneath. It includes extra pockets as well, to keep your hands warm.

Cambridge Jacket

This stunning jacket looks great on all men, as it slims the body with its straight shape. The horizontal lines, separating the down fill, adds a masculine look to the jacket. The Cambridge jacket is a perfect combination of style and function.

Bradford Jacket

Perhaps the simplest of Arctic Bay’s men’s coats, the Bradford jacket has disguised pockets, and a strip to hide the zipper, making it a very simple jacket. The hood is lined with soft, white fur, and there are flaps to cover the chin from wind.

Inuvik Bomber

Bomber jackets are a traditional and stylish choice, and although it cuts off at the waist, it still works as a great option for people who drive to work, or who have short distances to walk outdoors. The thick down jacket keeps the torso warm and the soft lining of the jacket insulates very well.

Toronto Parka

A simpler look, the Toronto parka is a great option for men. The entire jacket is black, and aside from the buttons and two pockets on the sides, it has a uniform look. The fuzzy hood is its eye-catching feature, and it works great at keeping the wind off your face.

Kingston Jacket

A great option for those who prefer jackets without hoods is the Kingston jacket. This is a great option that provides warmth, style, and simplicity. The lightweight design allows for maximum mobility and is ideal for crisp fall days or chillier spring days.

London Jacket

For a unique look, the London jacket has diagonal stitching and no hood. It is a lighter option that still provides warmth, as the smaller down pockets trap body heat inside the jacket. A blue velvety lining around the neck adds a touch of elegance and style.

Montreal Parka

Much like the Toronto Parka except a little longer, the Montreal Parka is perfect for men that are always on the go. From commuting to work to heading to hockey games to taking a stroll through the city, the Montreal Park is as diverse as the city it’s named after.

How to Choose the Best Parka for Winter?


Warm parkas can be very stylish options for the winter, and there are many options by Arctic Bay that can keep you warm and looking great. Make sure that you do not put fashion before function if you live in a climate with super cold temperatures. It won’t matter how good you look if you are freezing. Winter coats come in different lengths, so make sure that it is long enough to keep you very warm. Choosing a coat with a hood is also a good idea because it will come in handy when the wind picks up.


When choosing a coat, make sure that there are no gaps for cold air to get in. You will want some room to layer sweaters underneath, especially during the coldest months of the winter. You should leave enough room for items such as thermal underwear, a sweater or two, and collar room for a scarf. You should also make sure that the sleeves go up to your wrist and close up. If this area is open, wind will drift up your sleeves and make you feel extremely cold. Also choose a jacket with a high neck to keep the wind out.

Fill Power

Fill power and material determine how warm the coat will be. Although fleece lining or fur wraps are helpful, you should choose a coat that has the appropriate fill power. Goose and duck down are the best options for maximum insulation. You can opt for synthetics, which do a good job and are more water repellant, but when it comes to being warm, down feathers are the best.

Get the Right Coat at Arctic Bay

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or looking for a gift for someone, these men’s and ladies’ parkas and jackets are terrific choices that provide high-quality warmth, fashion, and functionality. Arctic Bay jackets and parkas are made 100% in Canada and are inspired by our deep Canadian heritage and the unique Nunavut spirit. We pride ourselves on creating premium outerwear that insulates, resists water and snow, and lasts for years, featuring duck down, coyote and beaver fur, and premium leather accents. The quality and exceptional design are unmatched, so you can look stylish and stay warm all winter. Even better, our jackets have been tested for quality assurance from Downmark® and we are proud to show that each parka meets the highest standards for down products. You can brave Canada’s frigid climate with Arctic Bay outerwear! Just visit our online store whether you live in New York, Moscow, Seoul, Berlin, Whistler, or Geneva.

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