July 03, 2020

So far, the year 2020 has brought on a lot of unique challenges for a lot of people all across Canada and the world. Thankfully, time after time our people have been able to rise to these challenges, whether it be to bravely face an ongoing health crisis by protecting and supporting each other or to take a stand for those in our communities who are suffering and need to be heard. 

As a Canadian-based business, Arctic Bay believes in contributing to the things that matter to our community. That is why in the month of May, Arctic Bay committed to donating 20% of all online sales to help hospitals and healthcare workers fight COVID-19. It has been one of the company’s great honors to offer any kind of aid in the midst of this ongoing pandemic. Purchases of our Canadian duck down parkas and winter coats helped to raise donations for providing PPE for those on the front lines.

In the same spirit of giving back, we also want to hear from our A/B Community about the things that matter most.

How can the A/B Community give back?

One thing is for certain- we at Arctic Bay will always give to those in need. Part of our mission as a premier winter outerwear provider is to bring people together. But first, we would like to take this time to listen. So, we are going to start with a simple but important question:

If Arctic Bay donated 10% of every sale to a charity of your choice- what would it be?

We are pledging now that if the A/B Community tells us where you believe our donations should go, we will poll your responses and periodically announce charities or organizations to receive donations during their own specific sales periods. We want to follow through, but we need your help.

What is The A/B Community?

To stay better connected with our customers, we are inviting you to join the A/Bay Community, so we can actively engage with you and learn more about how we can help. The A/B Community is for all of our friends and followers to discuss current issues that are making an impact on our province, our country, or our world.

How do you join the A/B Community?

All you need to do is share your thoughts with us! You don’t need to worry about any complicated application process, or signing any contracts. We encourage you to reach out to us however you want.

Although, if you want some pointers on how to make a bigger impact, follow these steps:

Step 1. Follow us on social media

This is really easy (and fun)- just follow us on social media! We are actively engaged with our audience on:

Not only will you get a chance to talk to us about what causes you think we should be donating to, but you will be able to see new updates on our sales and new product releases, and learn more about Arctic Bay parkas and winter coats.

Step 2. Post your comments

Next, we encourage you to post your thoughts on our wall or in the comments on our pictures. Let us know what is on your mind. While you’re at it, you can also browse our photo gallery for new items and accessories.

Step 3. Share on the Arctic Bay blog 

You also post your thoughts, stories, or experiences directly to our Arctic Bay website blog. Just click the link, go to ‘Sign Up’ and create an account. This way, you can really share your voice with Arctic Bay and our other A/B Community members.

To break a little ice, we are inviting anyone who wants to be part of the A/B Community to share with us:

  • What issues or causes do you think need more awareness?

  • What movements are making the most progress?

  • Which charities are you donating to and how are they helping?

Write a blog for us about why these causes matter and how we can help. If approved, we may even share your story with our followers!

Step 4. Shop around the Arctic Bay online store

Now comes the really fun part! Our Arctic Bay extreme winter parkas blend warmth with practical features and a trendy elegance.

Once you’ve let us know where we should be donating the donation portion of our sales, you get to start looking for the purchase you want to make that will help us give back! After all, if we commit a percentage of every purchase to the causes you care about, that means you get to give yourself a gift while giving back at the same time!

Hit our digital store now to find luxury items that are the perfect combination of high fashion and performance against the harshest elements. Our catalog boasts quality Canadian made extreme winter gear in:

Our extremely warm winter parkas are the perfect way to prepare for the coldest weather, while also pulling off that high profile look. Always remember- all of our Arctic Bay products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. High-end Arctic Bay winter jackets, insulated with premium Canadian duck down, can be conveniently purchased from our digital store or from authorized dealers and retailers.

More about Arctic Bay

As you may have guessed, we take our name from the northern region of Canada where you can find some of the harshest winter elements in the country. In fact, our designs are largely inspired by the indigenous Inuit peoples who inhabit the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. This traditional culture of expert hunters is adapted to the most intensely cold climates, so it only made sense to combine their use of warm and comfortable fur with a fusion of high fashion and innovative technical features.

For multiple years, Arctic Bay has proudly participated in the annual initiative by donating our premium Canadian arctic parkas to the Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF). This organization supports elders in rural villages in Alaska by distributing food, heating sources, and clothing as part of its Elder Program. Several communities and hundreds of elders benefit from this program during the winter, and it is one way the A/B Community has already been making a difference.

Now, we want to hear from you! Let us know what other charities are important to you, so we can donate to more organizations that really make a difference. Our commitment to giving is far more effective when we hear from the people who make Arctic Bay possible. Join the A/B Community today, and consider how your next winter coat could be a luxury Canadian parka that gives a piece of your purchase to those in need.

The world is finally starting to commit to a lot of incredibly important conversations, and Arctic Bay wants to be part of those conversations with you.

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