October 16, 2020

That’s right, it is about time for the cold season to really kick-off, and one of the leading manufacturers of high-end, Canadian-made winter parkas is having a pre-season La Niña Sale for the stronger winter ahead.

As a cold winter rolls in and La Niña settles in on Canada and North America, we hope you take advantage of these amazing sale opportunities to get ahead of the holidays or prepare for the season. We want these sales to help you and your family experience a warmer, more comfortable winter with quality outerwear you can count on.

Sounds like a dream, right?

At Arctic Bay, Dreams Do Come True

If your dreaming of a better winter parka, Arctic Bay has you covered. Ordering your own Canadian made winter jacket is the easiest way to see why our garments outshine the competition. And from October 17th to October 31st we are making your dream even easier to reach with these amazing sales.

Men’s Winter Jackets for 25% Off

Some of our favorite go-to Men’s Winter Coats and top-tier performance parkas are on sale starting this Saturday. With features like the Canadian duck down fill and Canadian origin coyote fur ruff around the hoods, these warm parkas are just what a guy needs to get through the cold winter ahead. Our suggestions for the sale include:

Tested in the harshest conditions during an expedition to the South Pole.

A cool, smart, military-inspired woolen coat with the warmth of premium Arctic Bay down.

This mid-weight parka is less heavy-duty and more casual comfort, but you still get a killer coat made out of superior materials at an incredible price.

Don't forget about the other Canadian made winter coats for men:

Women’s Winter Jackets for 25% Off

Fun and fashionably durable winter jackets, to elegant and exclusive Women’s parkas, all for 25% off for a limited time. With the same quality of features as our men’s jackets, these Canadian made coats are designed for a more elegant look. Our recommendations for this sale include:

The hip-length jacket design allows for more coverage, while still giving you room to get around.

Get one of our most show-stopping, uniquely designed women’s winter jackets, available in 12 stunning shades.

It’s impressive to look this good and save this much money! The Pearson parka is a perfect little number that won’t slow you down or fail to keep you cozy.

Don't forget about the other Canadian made winter coats for women:

25% for Kids Coats Off 

Your little ones can also get in on these great prices, so maybe now if a good time for early gift shopping!

Check out:

Save 50% on Winter Accessories

Save big on some of our uniquely designed accessories that keep your hands and face warm, without cramping your style!

Save 75% on Up Front Price with Sezzle

Remember- thanks to our recent collaboration with Sezzle, our customers can save 75% of the upfront cost of a new winter parka from Arctic Bay. 

That’s right, as soon as you know which of those amazing winter jackets or luxury accessories you want to add to your cart, you can pay just 25% at the time of checkout with the Sezzle payment option. This lets you split the cost of the order up over time, so you can shop more and get to spend less right away! 

We saw how hard you were looking at that coat. Go get it!

Join the AB Community

We want everyone in the AB Community to have an opportunity to get the best winter gear around just in time for the big cold snap that is on the horizon. Whether you are hunkering down for severe winds rolling over the mountains, or just want a little extra comfort for your busy holiday rolling down 5th avenue, Arctic Bay has versatile designs that seamlessly weave performance and luxury fashion. 

More people from all over are starting to see why Arctic Bay outshines competitors in winter fashion. Of course, you don’t have to live in downtown Toronto or cozy little Ottawa to know that Canadian made extreme weather parkas are built to last.

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