November 15, 2020

As the Northern Hemisphere braces for fall, covid-19 still rages on the US, Canada, and other parts of the world. Some expect the pandemic is about to get a lot worse, and Arctic Bay wants to remind everyone to stay safe and stay warm.

Experts do admit that we don’t have the evidence yet to know exactly how the winter cold impact the spread of covid-19. However, some health experts still insist that all the factors typically associated with cold weather appear to have the potential to accelerate the transmission of the coronavirus.

While Canada and the rest of the world hope for the best, Arctic Bay wants to keep helping our community through our Make the World a Warmer Place initiative, and by offering big discounts on our premium Canadian made parkas.

Seasonal Flu Could Increase Risk

The first factor to consider is that the seasonal flu, which is a respiratory viral infection like covid-19, is much more active in the winter. Last year there were 40 times as many flu cases in the fall and winter months compared to spring and summer in the United States alone. Historically, these cold months experience tens of times as many seasonal flu infections in various regions.

With the flu may come elevated risks, whether it is linked to weakened immune systems or more of a strain on public healthcare systems around the world. So now more than ever, it is important to stay safe and stay informed.

Learn From Pandemic History

One option we have is trying to predict how the virus might behave based on history. First, we know that in the past[2]  250 years there have been 10 respiratory pandemics. All of these outbreaks had a second wave six months after the first, but only[3]  three of those second waves occurred during winter.

However, one of those exceptions was the 1918 influenza outbreak. Remember, this is one of the deadliest in global history. That outbreak was the only pandemic to have killed more Americans than covid-19, so far, and the death toll was five times as high in the US during the late fall and winter as during the summer. If the covid pandemic follows that trend, the result could easily top 300,000 additional US deaths on top of the more than 200,000 to date.

Stay Safe

Of course, all of this seems incredibly distressing, but that isn’t to say we know for certain what the winter months will bring. Most important is to be safe and be prepared. During these times of uncertainty, we encourage everyone in the Arctic Bay Community to continue following guidelines presented by public health officials, while also doing everything you can at home to stay healthy and slow the spread.

Just on October 26, Canada experienced a surge of over 4,000 reported cases. Over the past few months, those numbers have been climbing, and we may be in for even more. We will continue to follow reports from the Canadian government, and hope for the health and safety of all our A/B Community.

Stay Warm

The team at Arctic Bay may not be medical experts, but we do specialize in giving back to the community by working with local charities to help those struggling during these difficult times, along with crafting Canadian-made winter jackets that combine high fashion with versatile features. We encourage all of our customers and everyone out there to stay safe and stay healthy. This winter, we’d also like to help you stay warm.

Our extreme winter parkas are specially made to help you stand up to the most bitter winds and subzero temperatures. Try one of our Traditional Canadian Made Parkas, including Men’s Winter Jackets like:

-        Nunavut Champion Limited Edition Parka

-        The Antarctica Parka

-        Cambridge Jacket

-        Alaska Parka

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-        Labrador Parka

-        Toronto Parka

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-        New Inuvik Bomber Jacket

-        Inuvik Limited Edition Bomber Jacket

Or try one of our Women’s winter coats, including:

-        Regina Parka

-        Kimberly Parka

-        Pearson Parka

-        Belleville Parka

-        Mirabella Parka

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-        Aurora Parka

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Right now get an Arctic Bay parka for 25% off until December 1st, and $50 from every order will go towards monetary donations, along with physical coats, to support local charities. 

In the face of such adversity, we know that the best we can do is continue to support our loyal customers all over the world who trust us and continue to give to those in need. So whether you are in Canada, America, Europe or Tokyo- you are part of the A/B Community, so stay safe and stay warm!

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