November 19, 2022

When the snow starts falling, the wind gets icy. It is time to embrace the beauty of winter with a great ski. Skiing in the winter will always be a good idea to play with family, friends or your loved one. However, to experience the best ski jacket, you have to prepare the best winter jacket first. Do not ever sacrifice the trip by wearing a ski jacket that won't keep you warm. Especially for the girls, we have always known that girls always spend the girl's day just like in the winter skiing. So if you want your best ski trip, here we have the list of the best women's winter ski jackets.

Laval Parka

The first best womens winter ski jacket from Arctic Bay that you need to try is Laval Parka. With this parka, you will feel the warmth during the skiing and never get cold.
Going further skiing with a best friend until -45°C/-49°F will never be a problem. Long welt pockets complete the Laval parka at the chest, making you toasty even more in winter skiing. This parka is best for women because it has a casual elegance and waterproof design. So you can be stylish and warm simultaneously during your ski time with your friend.

Pearson parka

Do you want a short winter ski jacket that still keeps you warm? The Pearson Parka from Arctic Bay is available for you. We truly realize that we still need several movements when skiing. The Pearson parka is designed to be shorter than any other jacket. However, do not ever doubt this season's parka with Premium Canadian Duck down, plus added Waist hand-warming pocket for comfort. Pssst, the Pearson parka is made with a truenorth shell which is durable wind and stain-resistant.

Aurora Parka

The Aurora parka from Arctic Bay is your next best winter jacket this season. It may come a little bit longer, but it is comfortable enough to wear on any occasion, including
skiing. Also your ski partner will be mesmerized when you wear this aurora parka. The aurora parka is beautiful, just like the northern light inspired by the name. Feel the
warmth and magic of this winter by wearing this parka

Mirabella parka

Inspired by the city of Mirabel in Quebec, the Mirabella parka fits well in your ski time. The Mirabella Parka is made from Premium Canadian Duck Down 725 fill power, giving
the best warmth this season. Additionally, the Mirabella parka is Windproof and Waterproof to enjoy the winter with a beautiful ski. It will warm you from head to toe with
a finger-tip length jacket and elegant body definition even temperature is going crazy to -45°C/-49°F

Thus having a plan to ski with friends should be well organized. We never want to get bothered due to the cold temperature in the winter. That is why Arctic Bay here provides the best women's winter ski jackets with the best quality and trendy designs. So are you ready to ski with the best women's winter jacket from Arctic Bay?

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