November 19, 2022

Cold is a serious matter you shouldn't make fun of, and studies have shown that women have a vascular reaction to colds far more sensitive than men. As a lady, you should protect your body from harmful weather conditions. But you know, having winter coats and having winter coats for extreme cold weather are two different things.

In other words, your body needs maximum protection to combat hazardous weather conditions. And for this reason, Arctic Bay has made the best women's winter coats for extreme cold. Check them out!


Kimberly Parka

Girls, if you're not wearing an Arctic Bay Kimberly Parka, you're not on the right track. Regardless of the temperature level, Kimberly parka will protect you from storms. Its premium Canadian Duck Down 725 fill power, long-lasting water, wind, and stain-resistant textiles, and 100% nylon filling. This parka has a rating of -45 °C/-49 °F.

Additionally, it has an adjustable in-hood frame and a detachable hood with optional fur trim. Don't worry if you're not fascinated with hoods—we've got you! You can easily remove the hood design. It's easy and looks good on all outfits.


Belleville Parka

You'll love Belleville Parka whether you're going shopping or heading for a walk. Believe it, Belleville has everything you could ever want in one. It has Premium Canadian Duck Down with a fill power of 725, a chin shield made of real beaver fur from Canada, a drawstring with twin toggles, an adjustable hood clip made of leather, and many other features. What else could you possibly want?

It is available in various hues, including black, red, purple, navy blue, steel grey, royal blue, and green. However, you can place an order for all the different colors. You should know the more collection you have, the more fun it is!



Charlotte Parka

Avoid excessive cold this season with Charlotte Parka, and you'll thank us later. Speaking of Best Women's Winter Coats For Extreme Coats, Arctic Bay is unbeatable! Each parka is exclusively to withstand extreme cold. Like other coats, the Charlotte Parka performs many functions; to keep your body dry and toasty. You have absolutely nothing to worry about it.

Louise Parka

While most parkas are to retain heat and shield their wearers from severe cold, the Louise Parka does both as well. It is one of the long-down winter coats from Arctic Bay and is also for excessive cold temperatures. Wow! What a company that puts the needs of people at heart!

This Louise Parka stands out with many features, which include a topstitched belt with a metal buckle, a YKK two-way zipper, hip patch pockets for storage space, an adjustable waistline, wide welt pockets at the chest for hand warmth, and many other options. Given these qualities, it is more or less the kind of winter coat every lady would love to wear. Yeah! It is suitable for any form of event. Therefore, get Arctic Bay Louise Parka and cruise anytime and anywhere.

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