November 17, 2022

Winter's come not only to make you cold enough but also sometimes makes you freeze at the same time. Getting frozen can make you feel exhausted, even lazy to do your daily activities.
Nevertheless, you can protect yourself from being lazy in winter by wearing the best winter outerwear for extreme cold. This stuff will help you to keep productive in the cold temperature. If you are wondering which outerwear will suit you the most to keep warm in the cold of winter, here are Arctic Bays, the best outerwear for extreme cold you can choose.

Aurora parka

Have you ever seen the beauty of the northern light that's called Aurora? Just like the beautiful northern light, the aurora parka will keep you warm and also look adorable. You can embrace the beauty of winter with this Aurora Parka because it is strong enough to keep the heat even if the temperature goes crazy up to -45°C/-49°F. To stay extra warm, this parka has long welt
pockets at the chest to make sure of hand warming.

Labrador Parka

Let's rock the extreme Cold with Labrador Parka in your hand. Venturing out in the harsh winter will never be so hard again because we have a labrador Parka For You. The labrador parka is
well designed to face the extreme cold with a wind and waterproof truenorth shell to keep you safe from freezing in winter. This outwear is perfect for keeping you safe and stylish in the winter. Additionally, it has a Non-removable hood with removable fur trim that you can adjust with your style preference.

Regina parka

The next best winter outerwear for extreme cold is a Regina Parka. The Regina parka offers three kinds of shell you can choose from: truenorth, imperial 1, and imperial 2. No matter what
type of shell you want, the most important thing to remember is that all of them are windproof and waterproof. That's why it is suitable to wear for icy winters. Last but not least, the design is
also fashionable with Premium Canadian Duck Down 725 fill power and 100% Nylon lining

Louise Parka

Louise parka is the best option to prepare for extreme cold in winter. Louise Parka is well made with Premium Canadian Duck Down 725 fill power with truenorth shell, the best material for
winter outwear. Feel majestic in winter with Louise Parka, just like Lake Louise, which inspired it. Louise Parka has a fur-lined chin guard that can trap the heat to make you stay toasty no matter
how cold the winter is. So Let's Keep the Cold out and the style in with Louise Parka

The Antarctica Parka


Remember to mention the Antarctica parka as the best winter outerwear for extreme cold. The Antarctica parka will keep you warm even when the temperature is going as cold as in
Antarctica. The Antarctica parka is both comfortable and fashionable to use on any occasion in the winter. It will help you to keep warm and comfy due to its waterproof and windproof features.

Do not ever hesitate to go out in Antarctica you wear even if the winter is freezing you.

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