November 17, 2022

Are you looking forward to enjoying this winter with pals, hosting a party, or even commuting in the snow with the warmest and coziest long-down coats? We've got you! Check out Arctic Bay's Best Long Down Coats for Women this season!


Belleville Parka

Before going further, have you ever seen a winter coat as gorgeous as Arctic Bay Belleville? You can guarantee Arctic Bay owns it all. Belleville is suitable for any activity you can think of, from your routine to fashion displays. It's one of the best women's collections_long and thick enough to maintain warmth.

Belleville has a topstitched belt with a leather closure, ship flap pockets, a leather detachable hood strap, telescopic sleeves with elastic cuffs, YKK two-way zip, and other unique features. Now, you see why you should holla for any color and go exploring with your loved ones.


Louise Parka

Ladies, take a lot at Louise Parka! Without a doubt, it's an ideal winter coat for the occasion which you have been planning. Interestingly, Arctic Bay Louise parka is wind/water resistant to precipitation like rain, snow, and other harmful elements.

Guess what? It is portable and protected with high-quality material to ease your movement. If you are the type who enjoys showcasing your beauty, wearing a Louise Parka can enhance your beauty in a big style, have you looking charming, and of course, make you stand out among your peers.

Like all other collections, Louise Parka also uses flexible sleeves with elastic knitted cuffs to ward off breeze and water content. You can adjust the hood, waistband, and wristbands. This Arctic Bay Louise is available in various sizes and colors, making it a good option for anyone who wants the best long-down coat that fits well.



Kimberly Parka

You're missing out if you don't have an Arctic Bay Kimberly Parka. It is one of the best long-down coats you'd love to explore this season. It's Canadian-made. Kimberly Parka has a water-repellent exterior and cutting-edge box lining, which provides maximum comfort in every climate. Its outer layer is to handle extremely high temperatures (-45 degrees Celsius or -49 degrees Fahrenheit), and it is absorbent and composed of 100% nylon lining.

In addition, it coats with 725 full-power Premium Canadian Duck Down. This Kimberly Parka is the perfect overcoat for your next Arctic adventure, especially if the weather is rough.


Mirabella Parka

Try and look beautiful in Arctic Bay Mirabella Parka. No matter what the weather brings, Mirabella Parka is 100% guaranteed to have you protected. It is incredibly durable against environmental factors. For instance, the detachable fur hood helps prevent cold air from reaching your face, and the leather-trimmed cuffs provide the warmth you need.

In conclusion, Arctic Bay Long Down Women's Coats are an excellent choice to put on any weather condition. They are built for the cold weather to ensure you're toasty and cozy throughout the winter. Hence, hurry and place your orders—we offer free delivery in the United States and Canada!

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