November 25, 2020

For many years, Arctic Bay has taken pride in not just being a Canadian business that actually keeps our production in Canada, but also in providing an exceptional customer service experience from start to finish.

Of course, we are most known by our reputation for crafting the best in high-end luxury winter coats. The quality and care that goes into every stitch of cloth and every authentic Arctic Bay brand has helped our brand grow over the years by leaps and bounds.

However, what has really made the difference for our customers isn’t just the amazing craftsmanship they get from our Traditional Canadian Parkas. What really makes our brand shine is our tireless commitment to making sure our customers are experiencing the very best each time they find our garments in a retail space, shop around our online catalog, or get involved in our A/B Community to learn about our efforts to give back.

So why does a company that makes coats care about exceptional customer service?

We Care About Our Customers

The reason that we have been so successful is that our customers know they can trust us to provide quality winter jackets that are durable, comfortable, and remarkably fashionable. Each of our pieces is carefully manufactured in our Montreal facilities, and we use only the very best materials, including:

  • Canadian Duck Down

  • Canadian Coyote Fur

  • Canadian Fox Fur

  • Fabrics sourced locally and imported from the United States

Every one of our Arctic Bay parkas is made right here in Canada, and our quality control experts are always working to ensure that every item sold meets our highest standards.

Not only that, but we make it incredibly easy for our customers to talk to us about any issues they may find with their orders, and we work diligently to resolve customer concerns to make sure our clients stay warm and stay happy.

We Want Our Customers to Shop with Confidence

To us, it is vital that the customer is confident in every step of the purchase process. That is why when perusing the online store, you can find plenty of resources we’ve created to make your winter jacket shopping easier, including:

Ensuring Arctic Bay extreme winter jackets and other products purchased from authorized dealers or from online store are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. 

So you can know when your product will arrive, and can reach out to our team directly with any questions on your shipment.

Making sure our customers know the best way to clean and maintain their garments, helping to ensure they can enjoy their made in Canada parka for as long as possible.

To make sure you’re not paying top dollar and getting knock-off quality, we keep an eye out for all counterfeit versions of our Arctic Bay products. Because the reputation of our brand means so much to our customers. 

So you get the best fit for maximum protection and comfort.

So you know the quality and material before you buy, and can be confident in the durability and integrity of what you’re wearing.

But we don’t just stop with quality control and improvement. We also care about how our products might impact your pocket.

When Times are Hard, We Want to Help

For most of our time in operation, Arctic Bay has never offered the kind of huge discounts to our products that we are now making available to our customers. We know these difficult times have put financial pressure on so many. We always want to make it easier for the people who really want that exclusive, extreme winter parka they’ve had their eye on to have that chance to look great and feel even better.

That is why right now we are offer a 25% discount until the month of December to all of our incredible customers shopping online. While many manufacturers here in Canada are actually raising prices and moving production overseas, Arctic Bay is giving big savings on our Traditional Canadian parkas and accessories and keeping production in Canada.

Not only that, be we are now integrated with Sezzle, letting you save 75% on upfront cost of your item simply by breaking the price up into smaller, more manageable payments.

Everything we are doing right now at Arctic Bay is an extension of how much we care for our customers, and how essential customer service is to the Arctic Bay experience. Join the A/B Community today and see just how wonderful and warm it is being an Arctic Bay customer.

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