Arctic Bay history

The History of Arctic Bay began in mid-December 1965 in Montreal (Canada) as an enterprise for the production of women's clothing for teenagers and adults. The product range included shorts, pants, skirts, jackets, sweaters, suits, coats and cloaks. Over time, the company's products expanded to cover a wide range of clothing from underwear to outerwear, including accessories. The company was not as successful as hoped. This, combined with a change in ownership, led to the closure of the company in 1997.

In 2005 the company was revived by a new management new team lead by Val Grydko. The new management wanted to produce a winter apparel, in the tradition of the original company; however, they decided to focus their efforts on the production of luxury feather-filled outerwear.

The new management wanted to combine classic lines in their designs, but reflect current fashion trends; use newly-developed fabrics, but combine these with traditional or time-tested materials; and to produce outerwear that was warm and light and would hold its feather fill smoothly.

The new team produced their first collection of women's and men's down clothing in 2005. This collection included feather coats, parkas and bombers. Each model was named in honor of the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada.

The Arctic Bay trademark was updated to a wedge leaf symbol of Canada, with 9 rays.